Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Here Goes!!

Have finally finished planting the front garden, and am wishing for some rain to save the grass. The water butt is nearly empty and am having to resort to the hosepipe - which isn't good on the water rates front!! Have also lost a few shrubs due to adding fertiliser before planting them. Can only think that this is the cause, as everything else I planted without it, are doing well?!

On the Jam Making front, I haven't been so successful! I lost 12lbs of Apricot Jam a few weeks back, because my thermometer exploded, and I couldn't be sure which pot it happened in! I cried as I poured it down the sink, it had taken me hours to get it to set! I like to use all natural ingredients and it seems to take an age to get the jam to set! Did manage to make Cherry Jelly, but only 4 1/2 Jars - also have 21 lbs of Strawberry to re boil as the setting point wasn't quite reached - Major mammoth task being saved for a rainy day!!

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