Monday, 6 September 2010

Been a long time gone!

Tis with a heavy unhappy heart I write this blog. Having been away on holiday for two weeks in the non tropical Cornwall, I arrived home with cheer in my heart to see how my little garden was growing! This Mary, Mary wasn't quite contrary - actually she was rather hacked off and more so! My pots and hanging baskets had been left for ruin and not watered and lovingly tended to as instructed. The reason? "Well as soon as I went to water them, it started to rain. So I didn't bother!" The fact that a few droplets does not constitute as rain in my eyes and still, my pots and baskets still needed extra water, as they are partially undercover! Grargh! On the upside, my Passionflower decided to encase the whole of our back wall, including the back door and bedroom windows! It did look rather beautiful, but I felt a bit like the Prince in Sleeping Beauty, and had to hack my way into the house. All has been rescued, and is looking slightly better - I am also very much happier as my picket fence has been fixed and my dear TT and Havoc Boy finally installed my water butt. Oh Happier Days!

Things on the Jam front have been a tad bit slim as the Blackberry crops are not up to scratch (Har Har) this year, due to lack of rain and sunshine to boot - but I made up for it when I went and visited my local market stall friends and they informed me that they were throwing out punnet upon punnet of Raspberries because they were on the turn. Well, 2 hours later and wafts of juicy Raspberry Aroma whisping from the kitchen, I made 11lbs of free Jam! Well I lost one in my Dressing Gown Pocket, the lid popped off and slow motionly guggled into my pocket all down the cupboard doors and pooled around my new leopard patterned slippers! And Yes, I like to make Jam in the comfort of my Eeyore Dressing Gown and unmatching slippers bought for me by my dear TT.